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Alright, so my dads a lawyer, and he represented a guy in a case that had some legal problems who used to own a shop. His problems were not because of his shop, his shop was amazing, but he was in an accident and has had all kinds of spinal problems and what have you, but if theres something he knows its cars.

Just wanted to give him a quick shoutout, and the man he brought along to do the work for him who used to work with him on the night before easter at 10pm. Now those are friends.

So heres the problem, which explains why the car is pulling right, which the body shop and the dealership could NOT diagnose after 1 month. 2 months to repair the car, then 1 month for them to stare at it and do nothing. Let alone, the dealership passed my car through inspection with it looking like this. Way to endanger my life dealership, and way to "inspect" it. They're getting an earfull monday.

First the pictures:

This is for the idiots at the dealership who kept telling me they rotated the wheels and tires, and "inspected" the car and DID NOT SEE THIS. And who blamed the pulling on the NEW factory WHEELS for the car pulling right. Yeah ok.

That is the front left side you're looking at. The brake line was rubbing against the tire, which wore it out, and there went my brakes. Which explains why the pulling was getting harder and harder to the right. It started out as a light pull, then the pulling got harder as the line got more worn out, causing the front left wheel not to be at "full" breaking power, while the front right wheel was braking harder, causing it to "pull" right.

They're going to get new lines and take care of some other things they noticed basically just for the cost of parts. If only he was well and able to move, he'd be over my house every day
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