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I have to agree with KEN C. The 1986-1994 300E came with the 3.07:1 rear end, according to the MBZ Specification Book I have by Frank Barrtt. It also states the 0-60 time is 7.8 and the 1993 with the 2.65:1 is 8.8 seconds. In additon the1986-1994 has a top speed of 137 (auto). The 1993 has a top speed of 125 (auto). In retrospec as the book says, " The 1986 300E outperformed the 380 and 500 engined S-class cars plus the contemporary Porsche 944 and the IROC Z28 Camaro." page 139 in the Illustrated Buyers Guide to Merceds-Benz, by Frank Barrett.

By the way this book was a great help in sorting out what MBZ I ended up buying.
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