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Originally posted by Duke2.6
That's a lot of work to solve an oil leak on a car with only 86K miles. Cylinder head gaskets should not be the source of oil leaks except at the point where the oil transfer passage to the head is located, and they rarely leak there. Most head gasket failures are at the cylinder seal. I'm not sure of the head oil transfer passage location on the 103 engine, but I suspect it is up front, since the oil pump is towards the front.

A more likely source of your leak might be the back of the cam cover gasket. My 2.6 began to leak there a few years ago, so I changed it. Suggest you clean the engine thoroughly in the vicinity of the leak and monitor it closely until you are absolutely certain of the source.

Swapping the cam cover gasket is a no-brainer and cheap compare to the cost of a complete cylinder head refresh!

It sure is a lot of work and money to solve an oil leak on a car with only 86K miles, but these engines are notorious for oil leaking externally at the right rear (passenger side) corner of the head gasket. The original gaskets had a poor design. The new gaskets are redesigned with copper inserts that prevent the gasket from failing.
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