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Exclamation Scary Front End Vibration

Yesterday while driving up I-95 from Philly, I hit one of winter's surprises aka a pothole at about 75mph. This was one of those 4" deep, sharp edged jobs that was too small for me to see until it was too late to avoid it.

Immediately after striking the pothole the entire front end started shaking 4-6" in a nearly uncontrolable fashion. Braking, as I obviously did to get the car off to the side, only made it worse. Fearing a blowout or worse, I pulled to the shoulder to investigate - no signs of any damage to the tire, wheel, or any easily visible suspension linkages on the side that hit the pothole (right).

Thankful to still have both my person and my car in one piece, I ventured back into traffic (which happened to come to an immediate stop due to some fool who had JUST flipped his Lexus SUV - looked rather serious, perhaps fatal ). Once I was able to get up to speed, the car handled just fine even up to 85mph.

Is this type of response normal? Is it possible that some hidden damage was done even though the car still drives normally?


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