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Neither of the brackets really look correct to me.
The top one (top 2 photos)looks possibly like it may be for a C class instead of an E class.
The next 2 photos look a little closer, but it looks like the tabs are too low, in otherwords the bracket would be holding the changer too high.
The insulation and cover don't look correct for an E class either. It should have just the lid with the plastic pieces that snap on to the bracket on top, no insualtion surrounding the bracket.

The installation is quite easy though. There are screw holes on either side of the changer which line up with holes in the bracket. The screws are installed, but make sure you remove the transit screws and cover the screw holes with tape, and also the orientation of the suspension in the changer should be checked to make sure it is in "V" (vertical).
The chassis pigtail is than plugged in (I'm assuming yours is an early 98 with hardwire system, not a late 98 fiberoptic or D2B system) and the tabs are screwed down to the predrilled holes on the left side of the trunk under the carpet mat.

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