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Exclamation trunk latch problem on '95 E420

On a normal operating trunk, when you press the chrome trunk release, the trunk lid will pop open slightly, and then you just lift the lid up effortlessly...when the trunk is in its open position, the latch should look like this

Lately, however, I noticed that when I press down on the trunk release, the trunk is no longer popping open...I have to physically go and pull up, with quite a bit of force, before the trunk will open. The problem I found was that the metal latch in the middle of the picture I posted, it is not flipping down COMPLETELY into the open position when I presss down on the trunk is still SLIGHTLY raised...not a lot...but enough so that it is still kinda hooking ontop the trunk you have to yank it up...

Anybody encountered this before? Any fix??? This car is falling apart
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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