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thank you a lot for taking the trouble to go to the garage to check it out...I was playin' with the latch with the trunk UP in the same manner you were doin' after I discovered the problem...actually, the latch feels a little stiff when I try to move it up from its open position, but after goin' up a bit, it will snap to its shut position easily enough...quite smooth...just at the beginning does it feel a little stiff...that is also where I normally find the latch position after I open the trunk using force when it is stuck...but when pressing the release button WITH the trunk already open, it pops open to its fully open position with no problem at is only when the trunk is down, does the latch not fully retract...but the problem is only intermittent...after playin' around with seems to work properly again with no problem at all

I was wondering if that latch is normally lubricated at its moving point and maybe it is a little dry??? also seems the moving point is under the plastic...and I can't get to it directly...but I see directly behind the latch in the inner wall of the trunk, there is a plastic panel...I am guessin' this pops off to access the latch?

at first, I thought it was the rubber seal also...but after cleaning it, and discovering the same problem, I took a further look and am pretty sure it is the latch...
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