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Question hiss when '95 E420 in reverse

Hello! It is me again! My car now has 47,003km on, while in the garage and backing out, I noticed when I put the car into reverse, I am hearing a hiss from under the sounds like a leak in a will only occur when the car is in any other position, i.e. D, 2, 3, etc., I do not hear the hiss...I did a search and found reference to a "transmission vacuum modulator"...could this be the problem? I would assume if there was a leak, it would leak regardless of what position my transmission was in...but it only leaks in there a specific hose for reverse or something I can narrow it down to? To tell you the truth, I dunno what is a transmission vacuum modulator or what purpose it serves, other than some of the descriptions I read in other threads...I hope this is a cheap fix...because if anybody has read any of my other posts...I have been havin' enough troubles with this car already...I was planning on enjoying it about now...but this occurred...

By the way, I recently had my starter the installation/uninstallation of the starter, would it have been necessary to remove or work around this modulator, and could something not have been properly put back? Thank you for any help...
1995 black pearl/black Mercedes-Benz E420 :
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