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Unless you PERSONALLY are going to inspect your brake hoses/lines every 3-months, just get new factory MB brake-hoses over stainless-steel hoses/lines.

FWIW, ANY vehicles that are over 5-years old without a documented brake flush (I prefer every year) and changing of brake-hoses, should get one done ASAP.

IMHO, every 60K miles the brake-fluid resevoir should be inspected and PULLED and the seals replaced (cheap!), which will mean a full bleed/flush.

If the car has ABS, use a pressure-bleeder because pushing the brake-pedal all the way down past the normal day-to-day range means you're pushing the master-cylinder into probable areas of corrosion that will nick the master-cylinder seal and require a rebuild and/or replacement.

Change them brake-hoses, you'll be amazed if they are over 5-years old.

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
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