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Engine Dies While Driving

My '88 300 TE (wagon) stalls, intermittently and out of the blue, when I'm going anywhere from 30 mph to 50 mph, and sometimes at stop lights/signs. There's no connection between accelerating/decelerating--it simply dies and the dash lights all come on. The engine is always warm and has been running for at least 5+ minutes before this happens. It has to sit for 5-10 seconds before it will restart--if it's started immediately after, it behaves as though it's flooded and won't turn over. I've had many items replaced on the car, including the fuel pump and main relays, crank sensor, OVD, but it still dies. It had a new fuel pump put in in '99. The problem has been happening for over a year. (125,000 mis. on car)
Any clues? I'm desperate!
Thank you.

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