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I've had our E320 for about six weeks now and I'm impressed with the car, save one item. While recently refueling the car at a service station, the autop cutoff feature did not work and some fuel was overfilled. When I pulled the nozzle out of the tank filler, fuel gushed out. Fortuneately, there wasn't a flash and i cleaned things up in short order. After starting the car and riving it a short distance, it started to buck and surge and eventually stalled. this went on for a few miles until I let the car idle for a while and eventually i could drive it in a normal fashion.

Since the nozzle fits so tight, you can't hear if yo're getting close to a full tank and if the cutoff doesn't work you've got a potential disaster as soon as you pull the nozzle from the tank.

Would appreciate comments if others have noticed this, if it is typical of this eries and if there is a fix for it, other than short filling the tank.
Thanks in advance./
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