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Seems like there were numerous posts on this one, but somehow i could not apply anything to my car.
Once I hit trafick (even with A/C off) within 5 -10 minutes temp. hits 100 and than slowly keeps going to 110-115. Unless i strat going fast again id doesn't drop (I suspeckt the aux fans). But.... it seems if i get stuck in trafick for a while after reaching 115 it sometimes sudenly drops down to 100, seems like something is kicking in (ether the aux fan or a termostat?).
I checked, aux fan is spining when A/C is turned on but does not spin when the tempreture is up to a 100 and over. I checked the fuses, all looked ok.
What can I look at next, I am geting desprete here. Please help


90' 300CE
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