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This happened today ya'll. The outside air temp indicator was showing 107 F. I got on the interstate running 80 mph and the coolant temp rose to around 105 C. When I slowed down the coolant temp would drop down to around 95 C. I checked the aux fans and both speeds were working fine. I could turn the A/C off and turn the heater on and the engine coolant temp would drop down to around 85 C. I am considering putting a Hi speed aux fan switch in the cockpit. Are the temperatures that I saw normal in this type of heat? Does the high speed fan switch in the cockpit sound acceptable? I would rather turn the high speed fans on prior to the coolant temp. getting above 100 C. MB should have Ford truck engineers help out with their cooling - A/C system. The best A/C systems are in Ford trucks for this part of the country.
I will be installing a new thermostat and replacing the coolant tomorrow morning.

I think south Ga is turning into desert.
'95 E320
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