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Electrical problem on a 1990 SL

Help! I have a 1990 300 SL that just started blowing fuse #12 (an 8 amp fuse).This fuse powers the cigar lighter, the storage compartment light and the comfort circuitry relay term.86( which shuts down the power seats, mirrors and seat heaters even though they're on separate fuses. ) Usually the fuse blows when I back the car out of my garage and does not blow when I simply back the car up in a parking lot. (I have an electric garage door opener for what that's worth). This weekend the fuse blew when I stopped to get gasoline. Is static electricity connected with blowing fuses? I wouldn't think so. This all started after I replaced all of my fuses as a result of blowing a window fuse. Could it be the power circuitry relay? If so, where is that located?
This is driving me nuts, so any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

BobH 90 R129
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