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Using a tranny that hasn't been run in 2-1/2 years

Hi all,

I'm considering using my parts car transmission instead of my daily driver transmission during an engine swap ('87 300D 279Kmi & '87 300D 175Kmi). The daily driver was run up until 2 months ago until a deer hit it. The trans is original, 280Kmi, and does not leak, never been opened/rebuilt. It clunks into gear but I think that's a modulator setting. Because it works and doesn't slip I've left it alone.

The parts car was last known to be working and all parts of the car appear in good/great condition. The trans pan was clean and no leaks detected. But it hasn't been used in 2.5 years.

I am wondering what the chances are that the 2.5 years of sitting will have dried out seals, etc that will show up soon after I install in my daily driver?

Or in other words, what are chances that I'll install this parts car trans and have to pull it and reinstall my original trans?

Brian Toscano
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