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I'm trying to find out what micro controller architecture is used on a Bosh KE Fuel Injection Control Unit from a 1987 190E Mercedes Benz. I need to test the micro controller and I can do it on some friend's equipment but he needs to know what Intel architecture the chip is based on.

The Bosh # is 0 280 800 204, the MB # is 005 545 55 32. The chip has the following label on it:

Intel '81

Does anybody happens to know ?? or where I can find info about this ??. It might be an Intel 8051 architecture but I'm not sure.

If anybody is wondering why I need this info, well I suspect the KE ECU is going south after many test I've done to the whole system ( sensors, actuators, wiring ). I'm getting an intermitent condition from the fuel system and everything points to the ECU.

Since I have a friend with the proper test equipment for micro controllers ( nothing to do with automotive equipment ) he told me he could check it up for me. I don't know the exact details but if I remember correctly it was a test named ICE or something like that.

I know it would be easier to replace the unit, but I'm just trying to save the unit and learn in the process.

I know this ECU uses some old Intel architecture, I'm just trying to find out which one. For example, BMW's E30 line uses the 8052 architecture. The 190E MB uses an older and simpler one since the KE system has nothing to do with the spark control.


87 Euro 190E 2.5-16
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