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I mentioned "actuators, EHA, injectors, idle valve, coil" just as an example related to a modern ECU system like Motronic and its relations to the maps, just that. I know the KE is a CFI that just uses electronics for fine tuning through the EHA and IV. Sorry about the confusion.

The problem I'm getting is that sometimes the EHA doesn't receives the proper signal. e.g. -60mA for fuel cut, varying while in closed loop, etc. It looks like the wiring was damaged somewhere, but it was replaced and re-checked again after that. Sometimes the fuel cut ( ~ -60mA ) engages for no apparent reason and without the proper conditions ( > 1500 RPMs, TPS at idle and < rev limit ). In summary, sometimes I get signals without the proper conditions and sometimes the wrong signals with the right conditions.

As I said, everything points to the ECU doing weird stuff.

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