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Fault 26 Upshift delay switch over valve-open or shorted

Check Engine light came on after driving 90 miles and the cruise control worked intermittently [Doesn't always engage but when it does it continues to work]. Checked for the fault code.
“Fault 26, Upshift delay switch over valve-open or shorted.” When I was checking for the code with the key in the on position I was getting a high pitched wine accompanied with a sound like relay contacts clicking coming from the driver side near the bottom of the engine. I could not locate the source.
I disconnected the leads to the switch and they seemed find. I tired to trace the vacuum line to the transmission but couldn’t find the termination connection. Do you have to get to this from the inside of the car? I checked my stop lights and noticed that the right side one’s glass was slightly discolored and that the silver contact was melted like an angular knife cut with a bead at the incline high point. Never saw that before so I replaced it. The bulb was a 12498 Philips and the filament was intact.
The Check engine light is off for now and the noise is gone.
I have been having problems with the cruise control all winter and was blaming it on the cold.
What do I need to do to check this out if it reoccurs?
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