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Electrical drain...

Hey folks,

I have an '85 190e 2.3 that has been really quite good to me. I am the second owner with 187,000K. The car is basically a rock when driving and the binders are better than my wife's new jeep by far. the tunring radius is super... the list goes on, I am surely preaching to the choir. The problem is I don't drive the car a whole lot, maybe once a week (have 02 Suzuki GSF600S that I prefer to take) and when I go try to take it out the battery is typically just about dead. I have a trickle charger that I picked up for the bike byut only use on the car and I set it up for a couple of minutes and the car is ready to go. The car never stalls once started, never. So point is I have this car that runs like a top but the battery is being drained somehow and I would like to trouble shoot it. Here is my question: could anyone give me recommendations for books to read on troubleshooting automotive electrical systems? I COULD say that the battery is new, and the ground next to the battery on the suspension is rust free. I was able to take out the voltage regulator without removing the alternator and there is about an inch to an inch and a half remaining which is in specs... but the truth is I doubt anyone will be able to come up with an answer for me without my first getting a better handle on it myself. So, that's it, you know the car I have and what sort of reading I am looking for, thanks in advance for your help.

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