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I dunno. The car always rode semi high. But when my father and I put in new shocks, it was like a whole new car.

Also, there are some rust spots: back upper fender under trim there is a bubble, front upper fender next to trim there is a tiny dot, and rear passenger side wheel well there is a small rust spot that is going to be repaired this week. After that, we're pretty smooth. Some floor sections were basically rebuilt with fiberglass, and that seems to be holding up well.

It looks a lot better than it did when we got it, lets say that.

BTW...Eberhard Weilke suggested using a product called "FluidFilm" a rust inhibiting agent that utilizes lanolin. Ever since applying that, the rust has seemed to to want to grow. This stuff is really great, and it is also a lubricant. Its a pretty gross slime type stuff, but works good on hinges, fenders, as undercoating to recently repaired areas. Good stuff.
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