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Originally Posted by petecooke View Post
I recently replace the clutch master and slave cylinder(master was leaking fluid) on the 82 but the clutch is still much harder to push in than the 83.
What is the history of this car? Did the pedal get stiffer immediately after cylinder changes? Did you compare old / new bore diameters?

Originally Posted by petecooke View Post
I'm thinking it's the throw out bearing but I'd rather not pull the tranny if I don't need to since it's getting very cold in MD and I don't have a garage to work in. Any way to test the throw out bearing?
A throw out bearing won't cause this issue however, if the trans nose where the bearing slides is dry, there will be much friction that could cause stiff pedal. This isn't a common failure mode.
Originally Posted by petecooke View Post
Any ideas what could be causing this?
In another thread, someone had a stiff clutch / very narrow range of release. They would push the pedal to a certain point, clutch would be released but if they pushed farther, it would drag. Turned out clutch disc center springs came apart and were wedging disc to cover.
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