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A few days ago on the newsgroup, a question was posed about the Bosch platinum plugs. The original poster stated that he had heard of the platinum plugs coming apart, leaving chunks of metal or porcelean in the cylinders. He went on to say that platinums should not be used in 117.XXX engines, his being a 117.985.

I have used Bosch patinums for about 10 years now, first in an old Ford, and latest in my 73 280 SEL (117.984). As soon as I bought the car, over a year ago, I put a set of platinums in. Runs fine, no broken plugs, no chunks of metal etc.

Has anyone here heard of the problem the original poster referred to? If there truely is a problem with platinums in 117.XXX engines, I'll change them out ASAP. If not I'd just as soon keep using them.

Mike Tangas
73 280 SEL
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