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Rebuild accelerator (throttle) actuator?

Does anyone have any experience, pro or con, with having an accelerator actuator rebuilt, instead of replacing it?
I have a 1992 300E, with the M103 engine. As I understand it, cars with this engine would not normally have electronic ("drive by wire") accelerator systems. But mine does because it is equipped with the ASR traction control system.
To make a long story short, my mechanic has diagnosed a stalling problem on my 300E as being caused by a faulty safety switch in the accelerator actuator. He says there have been other instances of this that he read about in some MB literature, probably a service bulletin. (I have studied the manuals and agree it is a likley cause.) So he proposes to replace the actuator. He says it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Unfortunately it is $1100.
I read a post on the MBCA web site that indicated someone had gotten an actuator rebuilt, but he did not indicate what shop did it. (I tried to contact him but he has not replied. The post was over a year old so the email address may be out of date.)
It seems a shame to spend $1100 for what is probably a $10 switch, if the assembly can be correctly rebuilt. Then again, it is a vital part, safety-related, and obviously has to work right. From what I have read here on other posts, the actuators fail in other ways, as well. So maybe a new one would be a good investment.
But most of the posts here seem to be about cars other than the 300E with M103 engines, and I have no idea how similar or different the actuators might be. Most posts I found here concerned 500Es, and I saw no mention of rebuilding an actuator...
1992 300E with ASR
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