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Yesterday, my idle went erratic. The idle at stops would surge and drop almost until it is about to kill the engine (I suppose the surge is to keep the engine running when I think about it now). No check engine light as of this morning, no odor. Idle wasn't very rough this morning but I can still tell it isn't as smooth as before. Power seems a little down. I don't know if there is any correlation, but as I mentioned I drive around town mostly and this past Sunday I had about a 40 mile round trip going up to 90 mph. I had no problems after the trip. Do these blasts on the freeway have after-effects that show up the next day? The last time I had an extended drive on the freeway, I had the rotten egg odor episode, NOT right after the drive, but a day or two later. I will be getting the codes checked today. Any thoughts are welcome.
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