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I was reading a back issue of The Star, May/June 1999, on cleaning your diesel's intake system. I have removed my crossover pipe and am dropping it off at the machine shop to have them clean it, since it is caked on about 1/8 inch thick or more. On the turbo end of the system I was able to use a solvent soaked rag and wipe off all of the goo. On the other end I am left with a gooey intake plenum. I am scraping off as much goo as I can get and I am also wiping off the inside with a solvent soak ragged. What I really want to do is spray some solvent in the intake, but the article advises against this since the car can "run out of control if too much cleaner gets in there. My question is, can I spray some cleaner in there to agitate the goo and then wait long enough that the cleaner has fully evaporated? Any tips on how to clean the intake, aside from removing it? What about spraying ATF in there??
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