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Question Abs And Check Bulb Dash Lights On

I had this problem less than a year ago on my 86' 300e, at the time it was the alternator I replaced it and the battery, it ran great. These dashlights started coming on last week and yesterday I went to go on an errand and the car was running like s**t, oh yea the ABS light was on also, I have done several searches and I keep getting info on the OVP ( I think thats what its called ) relay. The car is hesitating, has rough idle lacks power and sounds like hell.
I dont know if this matters but when I was checking it out I noticed the little "shock absorber" deal - behind the water pump- has lost part of its bushing at the top, also if I recall last year I had to replace the belt tensioner unit and there was a little sensor located at the bottom, anyone know what this sensor is for?
Any help would be wonderful, mainly on the ABS warning light and the running like s**t problems.


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