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Originally Posted by Diseasel300 View Post
A weak cylinder absolutely will smooth out with revs. Don't believe it? Crack an injector line and rev the engine up to 2 grand. You'll swear it was "smooth".

The "puff" noise in the exhaust is a probably have worn valve guides/seats causing a compression leak.

Compression and/or leakdown test should be in your future to diagnose further.
I’ll try cracking the lines and see what happens. With worn compression doesn’t it surprise you it would go so easily on a first crank and fire up INSTANTLY? I mean I don’t doubt that it could be very well be compression, but it’s a little shocking it wasn’t hard to start.

Also I had this same issue with a 92 300D. I don’t remember if the exhaust was puffing or not, but the fuel filters were so nasty and the injectors and injection pump were filled with algae! The car idles exactly like this.
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