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Aux Fans broke? / 92 300e 2.6

Hello All,

I have an interesting story to share about the Aux fans on my 300e:

So i bought the car approx 6 months ago, and haven't once heard or seen the aux fans (my car has the dual fan setup) turn on..ever.. regardless of temperature or AC setting.
I went to inspect the fans themselves, and discovered that the fan on the passenger-side would NOT turn by hand- it appeared to be stuck!.. Closer inspection revealed that a mechanic's wrench had long ago fell from the engine compartment area and had lodged up between the blades of the fan (!)..preventing movement of the passenger side fan unit.I removed the wrench and also discovered that the wrench broke off one of the blades of the fan.
I keep wondering if, because of this, the fans have "burned out" (because the passenger side fan could not physically turn)? Oddly, the drivers side fan DOES turn by hand without resistance, but I have never seen it rotate by itself, under power. Is there a way to force the fans to power on (for testing purposes)..? Can I replace the whole assembly? (FastLane has an assembly listed).. or is there some sort of relay/fuse for me to test??

ANY help is (as always) *greatly* appreciated..Thanks!!

92 300e 2.6 Silver
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