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Originally Posted by jake12tech View Post
What does cracking the injector lines prove?

It has 6 new (just about) glow plugs, but even with that in 30 degrees, if it had low compression wouldn’t the motor be hard to start? It went over the first crank and fired up immediately.

It has 6 new fuel injectors. I also realized I worked on this car not too long ago (local car) and remember driving it when it had about 10000 less miles on it. It definitely did not used to have this rough idle and low power problem.

In my first reply, I was referring to a good engine. Crack a line to create a "miss". You'll notice it at idle, but rev the engine and it'll run smooth.

In troubleshooting the engine in question, cracking lines will find you the trouble cylinder.

New parts don't mean anything. If you have a mechanical issue that's developed since they were installed then you have an unrelated issue that needs a fresh eye.

You keep going on about low compression and starting performance. Get over it. You can have 5 healthy cylinders and 1 lousy one. If any of the 5 healthy ones light off, the car will start right up with a crap idle from the missing cylinder.
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