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Nobody seemed interested in the thread but I’ll update it anyway.

The fuel injectors were recently replaced I believed I mentioned. I also heard an actual compression leak somewhere around the motor. Well it appears cylinder 3 was the culprit. They replaced injectors but didn’t replace any of The seals. I replaced the seals with a set I had laying around and it did RETURN power and resolve the idle. I didn’t do a leakdown test or compression test. Just backtracked recent work done. I talked to the owner and he said he installed injectors. I didn’t know it was as recent as in the last month.

Really goes to show a high maintained 606 is as reliable and good for its longevity as much as an old om617. My daily driver is always a testament as well considering it’s original besides a valve job and two timing chains. Not always the case with a high mileage motor, since I have had bad valves at 425k on these 606s. But majority of the time they’re fine.
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