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W140 trans problem

I have a 92 W140 300SE M104 engine.

Some time when I drive the car, the car will not move from rest. i.e. at a red light, whenit turn green, step on the gas, and the car will not move. It fees like the trans engaged on to 4th gear so the car rolls very slowly and will not rve up. Flooring the gas, the car continue, trying very hard to pull itself.

As soon as you release the padel and re-stepping, it becomes normal. i.e. rve up and the car goes.

This happens from time to time and does not seem to be related to engine temp. I cannot force this problem to come up, it just do what I described when it feels like it. I am guessing the gear aren't engaged. I really don't know.

I have had the trans oil repleced, diff fluid replaced and the trans oil filter replaced.

I just wonder. Have any of you heard of this?? Does any other W140 have the same problems?? any other cheap replacement I can try??
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