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I'd bet lower ball joints might be the culprit. Another wear item is the tie rod assy. and, if it hasn't been changed yet, you're overdue to replace your steering damper.

Your torsion bar mounts do wear, so you might want to check them or simply replace (as I would, but I'm not afraid to admit I'm obsessive about maintenance). Your struts aren't absolutely cooked at 100k mi, they just might be losiung their edge. I'd wait, but that's your call (also, they're at least $200 per in the front, and $450ish each in the rear + you'd want to then do the nitrogen cells).

I can't speak to wear in the springs, but I doubt they fatigue much. And the front bearings almost never go bad; very robust parts.

I'd also suggest you have an experienced tech look at all of your rear links, as they are subject to wear too. Good luck!

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