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Ok, Would smoke be in the mix with all this? #2 had a pc leak, I installed a new one but it's still not smooth,better though. Also saw lots of black liquid when I did a diesel purge. Its somewhat better but still not clear in the bottle, have to continue. I pulled the ETR pin, ng car barely ran if at all. While upon inspection I noticed oil and some coolant residue around #1 intake manifold port,coolant thermostat neck area. It's losing oil, and it's making its way down the head and block, that could be why? Also turbo at intake has oil in it, a small line. The impeller is not freewheeling more on the tight side with no play. Time for a compression test?. Sad because everything works Hvac is very nice both heat and ac. It's a florida w140 and needs very little body wise to be mint. Interior is almost perfect. If motor is ng Id like to do a 606 st with matching trans.. It would be the ultimate concrete living room.

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The main symptom this box was giving is a lope at idle, like someone fiddling with the rack lever and goosing it in a rhythmic cycle. A rough idle when cold is unlikely to be the EDS system, you can easily enough test the theory. Unplug the 2 pin connector on the big red solenoid on the back of the injection pump and start the car. Idle speed will be ~500-550. If your roughness continues, the EDS system has nothing to do with it and you have mechanical, glow plug, injection, or compression issues.

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