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Hi all - wanted to ask the ask the same question for my 93 190 2.6 with 70k miles.

How long does the suspension last? Could it be time for new suspension / bushings? They seem to perform okay (no major thumping or anything), but the tail end is a little sloppier than I remember it being miles ago and I feel things are getting a little worn-in over railroad crossings, over speed bumps, etc. Just feels like a little more 'play' in the system. Also, at high-er (think 85+ mph), the car feels like it travels longer on the suspension and gets a little floatier than it used to.

If it's time, are there better aftermarket products that would add a bit more sport and precision to the works WITHOUT going through a full Sportline conversion (ie lowering springs). Does simply adding bigger sway bars front and rear help? Does anyone have experience with stiffer bushings?

And yet one more question: what components does a 201 have? Am I looking at struts AND shocks at all four corners? Steering dampener, etc?

Really appreciate you techie guys who have the answers - it helps me have more fun.

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