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190 16V Fuse number 10 blowing

Oh god I hate these problems..

After fixing my air flow meter I have a fuse thats constantly blowing. Actually it was blowing before I replaced the meter, just less frequently.

Fuse 10 according to my owners manual is supposed to control the "Electromagnetic Clutch engine fan" (bloody great that), "washer nozzle heater", "tachometer", "adjustable heated outside mirrors", "outside temperature gauge", "switch over valve idle stabilization automatic transmission"...

Hey! Not many things to check, I think I'll just disassemble the entire car...

But seriously, has anyone else had this problem and could perhaps suggest the potential culprit? Ppplease?

The fuse blows the second the ignition is switched on.

A couple of months ago I had a bit of water ingress into the cars interior thanks to a faulty sunroof seal and the local car wash. Got into the gearstick area near the electric window switches etc. The heated seats didn't work for a few days then they started up ok again. I don't think this is related though as they aren't part of that circuit from what I can see. The mirror switch is there of course...

Better start praying to the dark lord Lucas, and I thought German cars didn't have electrical problems. LOL

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