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Originally Posted by jsp300D View Post
The diagnose equipment should be only used as a direction of the fault but NEVER as precise indication.

Some fault codes are triggered by other factors. Let's say I had a car with P0340 (camshaft position sensor). But, the sensor is ok.

Turns out to be a faulty valve switch solenoid (VVTi). So not all faults are just one thing with these modern cars.
This is exactly why I always push for posters to list the detailed description of the trouble code. Too many just post a basic code and a " Tell me what to change " or list a P1234 ( engine ), say they changed the engine and the problem is still there.

Many detailed codes will list a component and what the computer is seeing that it does not like. Signal intermittent , signal low , signal high , signal implausible . These give clues as _what to test for_ NOT _ what part to change_.
Originally Posted by jsp300D View Post
I don't think EV will overtake ICE as alternative fuels should be introduced. EV is just a part of the start. I already see Volt on the scrapyard because of a broken battery. Car is only 3.5years old? So which car is making more pollution?

Because here in Europe an average battery pack will cost over 4000$ and the car after 4 years is 4000$. So economically its totaled.
I really doubt that a 4 year old car is only worth 4 K. And besides, as far as I know, the volt can still be driven on gas if the propulsion battery fails.
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