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I went to the mechanic to get the CE codes read and he got an "error" message. Couldn't figure out why we couldn't get the codes. Initially he said that I erased the codes when I disconnected the battery but later agreed when I told him that should have only reset the CE light while any codes would have remained in the OBDII module until someone erases it with the diagnostic tool. He told me to come back when the CE light comes back on. Looking back, does the ignition have to be in a certain position? He did notice when I started the car it took a few seconds (literally, not any longer) before it settled into a consistent idle . He suggested trying a few tank loads of different gas. I use Shell and ExxonMobil Premium already. I don't know, kind of frustrated that I couldn't get more information. I think I may put a bottle of Techron in the next tank and change the oil afterward. The very erratic idle, however, has not come back, but car is not as smooth in my mind as before and it still seems that starting has still been a little more labored. Is it unusual that the CE engine light has not come back on after all this?
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