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You fellows just really want Jay Leno to increase the interest in them? Driving the prices up. I am have a hard time with this. Being as cheap as I am.

If I remember he worked as a young fellow for a Mercedes dealership. Moving cars for them etc. He too is rumored to be conservative with the dollar.

There is absolutely no truth that I am also so tight I squeak when I walk. It is just the shoes.

Actually a good argument could be made for the long lifespan capabilities of the 123 diesels. Being well beyond any other make or model of car of that period. Remaining on the roads and highways still in daily driver status for many. In the numbers they are. As old as they are.

Some of the first ones are more than forty years old now. Actually I have a 1977 300d that is 42 years old but unused at this time. Still could be though. Plus a 1979 240d that is just having it's 40th birthday party.

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