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Cool Front Brake Pad Question

I have a 1986 560 SEL. Yesterday I took the car into my indie MB shop for routine service. They called and said that the front brake pads need to be replaced. It had only been 10,440 miles since the last replacement. Prior to this the car was driven 29, 102 miles before the pads needed replacement. And about the same the mileage before that. When I asked him why the pads had not lasted as long he said that at the last replacement they had used "the factory MB soft pads" which should last between 10K and 15K miles. He said that the reason they went to the soft pads over the harder ones they had been using was that the hard pads wore out the rotors about twice as fast and customers said they would rather replace pads more often that rotors. Is the shop manager giving me the real deal here or just jive talkin'?
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