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There's a fellow named Joe out in La Habra California that has a rotisserie restored white over black W123 with either a 3.0 or a 3.5 Liter Turbo Diesel factory crate engine, 5spd, period correct Centra's and lowered just the right amount. The car looks to be in new condition. Since I've never seen a W123 with an LS conversion that is the coolest W123 I've ever seen. If Leno had one it would probably have an LSA or better.

There have been a number of sales of W123 sedans 240's, 300's and turbos over $10,000, the highest I've seen have been a 300D Turbo Sedan and a 240D at over $17,000.

The coupes seem to be able to bring even more.
1981 240D Four on the floor, Orient Red over Parchment, bought with 154,000 but it's a daily driver and up to 175,000 miles, mostly original paint and all original interior.
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