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Red face clarification (I hope) on throttle actuator

Suginami wrote:
The earlier 300E's with the m103 engine do not have a throttle actuator. I don't know what it is called, but it is not called the "throttle actuator".>>

Ahh, indeed we may be talking of different things. I may have used ambiguous terminology.

What I was referring to, and what I thought the 500E owner was referring to, is referred to in the service manual as an "electronic accelerator pedal actuator." The MB service technician called it just an "accelerator actuator," and AllData also uses that term. So you are correct, I should not have called it a throttle actuator. My 300E (M103 engine) has one only because it has traction control (ASR). It takes the place of the usual mechanical throttle arrangement.

I made the assumption, perhaps incorrectly, that the 500E accelerator actuator would be similar to that in my 300E, because I understood that ASR was standard equipment on the 500E, and ASR requires an electronic accelerator system. But as I said, I am not familiar with the details of the 500E so probably I should not have assumed that the writer was referring to something like my accelrator actuator when he referred to the "throttle actuator."

Sorry if I caused confusion!
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