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Directionals Out?

I have an intermittent failure of the directionals. Has happened twice so far.

Hazards work (and show up in dash cluster) during the failure.
Other stalk functions work (brights, wipers) work during the failure.
Failure was on 2.5 hr drive, lasted ~45 mins, just about as the temp was crossing through freezing zone. It was raining.

I haven't been able to replicate at home, but search directions would be either stalk contacts or a fuse? Anyone know if there is a relay that is involved in directionals - manual shows it as part of the combination relay? I had tried to replace combination relay a while ago (bought one but that didn't fit the slot).

I had replaced the stalk 3 years ago with an aftermarket one that seemed an exact fit and has worked fine
W201 1989 190D
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