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From my own experience. I have put seats from a w126 car (1988 420 sel) into a 1980 300TD. I had to swap the entire mounting bracket on the bottoms of the seats which took a short while to figure out but itís possible by sliding the bracket fore and aft to get at the screw heads to remove the bracket from the seat base.

My newer seats had power seat backs so I need to hook up a 12v source and a switch to adjust the seat back angle. For now I just jump power from a battery charger. It has the heated seats option unlike the 1980 models and they are genuine leather as well.
I think there might be a way to change the seat backs to manual control, but Iím not typing that out right now since I have not actually done it yet.
There are probably others that have swapped in other seats as well. Maybe try the search function?
Iím kind of curious to know if a w124 seat would bolt in to a w123 in the same manner as a w126 seat does?
I have seen some pretty nice w124 seats at the wrecking yards lately.
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