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smoothening the ride

recently got the following done to my car (230E W124):
replaced front shocks (bilstein HD)
replaced front (r&L) lower control arm bushings
replaced steering dampers
replaced all front sway bar bushings
replaced all rear bushings
replaced all rear ball joints
replaced rear stabilizer arm assembly
replaced all rear coil spring seat

Also, last year I replaced the following:
front lower ball joint
tie rod
center link
idler arm
differential bushings

These are all with the end in view of experiencing the ride-like-new feel to a rather old car (17 Years old), but to no avail. I still hear the usual annoying sound of going through the bumps, feel road imperfections, etc. Am I missing something? I know that the shock mounts, subframe mounts rear shocks have not been touched but according to my mechanic these are all still ok. Would appreciate receiving any inputs on this matter.

by the way, I don't know if this has any bearing but my tires are sized 215/17/50 and springs are stock.

Thanks in advance.
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