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Cock-a-doodle-doo: swing shift makes for some screwy DIY hours

Have finished the front end rebuild. Wow.

I always thought this 560 drove out nice and was really surprised to see that every joint in the front end was shot. I actually buttoned up the suspension this morning before going to work and only had to clean, paint and replace the battery tray and battery. Got home about midnight and knocked it out, was just about to call it a night and hit the rack when I decided to check out the work here at nearly 2AM.

Went out for a five mile run. I got the front alignment pretty close with a tape measure, car tracks straight at speed and stopping too. At least I know I'll be able to get to the alignment shop without eating a pair of new tires.

In just the short drive I made I really noticed some difference. Mainly, road noise is nearly zip and the car doesn't wallow through the dip in my driveway now. Steering seems to be more responsive as well.

I'll post a couple pictures tomorrow, right now I'm beat and going to bed, I think I earned it.
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