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problem solved for $120

I have found a problem part that was causing engine vibrations and howling sounds inside the car at low rpm accelerations. The bad part was a round metal part between the engine and the transmition used in both automatic and manual models. I don't know its name but in my language it is called mahovic. Can someone name this part for me please(picture attached below).
Here is a story how I found it was bad.
Yesterday, after a brief stop at my work I started the car, gave gas but car didn't go. Instead I heard a sound like some big thing
turning over while touching something.
Towed the car to the mechanic, he diagnosed it was a transmition clutch. After he took out the transmition and clutch we saw that a round very heavy metal part was torn into 2 parts and had cracks inside. At that moment I told myself I have to get rid of the car before it falls apart completely.
Today, my father bought that part used in other city for $120 and my mechanic installed it. A test drive showed no engine vibrations, the car accelerated smooth and felt very soft. I could push gas hard at low rpms but didn't hear a howling sound.
My mechanic told me that this part smoothes the torque coming from the engine and acts like a converter from the AC voltage to the DC voltage. It smoothes out the spikes at torque that happen
when spark plugs fire. This results in smooth acceleration and no engine vibrations at idle. That part in my car was probably already bad and later broke completely.
Below is the picture of the broken part.

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installed new engine mounts but vibration is still there-transm-damper.jpg  
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