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Originally Posted by gsxr View Post
You could always, you know, make an offer. I'm guessing he won't take $500 but has anyone actually thrown a genuine number out? The worst that can happen is the seller says "no".

Disclaimer: I'm not interested in the car - I'm trying to sell vehicles, not buy more, lol. If an intercooler was part of the conversion, all you need is a Dieselmeken pump to make this thing fly.

Oh gosh it takes so much more than that! Oil supply and drain lines for the new upsized turbo, new exhaust and intake manifolds with plumbing, egt sensor and data logger, iat, turbo shaft rpm plus jaquet sensors and installation in the compressor housing, manifold pressure and temp, egp sensor. Bigger exhaust. Bigger intercooler. Bigger fuel pump with pressure regulator. Bump up the shift pressure with a controller if it is a 722.6, or a whole new tranny if 722.3 or 4. The manifold is maybe a grand to 1500, the turbo 500-1000, the pump is 2k, gaskets, lines with fittings, stronger exhaust valve springs with retainers are $500-700 new harmonic balancer the same. Some hundreds for sensors. Turbo 700-2000. Plus labor. Then you have a smoky burn out machine. If you want it driveable you need a vnt or compound setup, either of which requires controllers and/or some design work. And tuning. Wavetrac is 1200. Half shafts 500. Custom driveshaft...better brakes...

If you want to cheap out you can use stock setup with increased fuel, but you need egt for sure and a better intercooler or you are going to melt your nice swapped motor. And it will smoke. Or your power increase will be modest.

Smart money might go edc with meken elements and an hx35. But honestly it is om648 money to get it all going right. And that motor is a lot more controllable and tunable.

No one who has actually done a 606 swap is likely to sell it for less than 5-6k if the car is otherwise presentable. The motor alone is 2k. If it is a fully sorted, clean, reliable high power car with new suspension and driveline rubber and shocks with an LSD that eats 500e's for breakfast and doesnt have a hood stack or any other manky crap, you are into the teens or Low 20s.

No free lunch.

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