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Strange... is it really the bulb though?
I've been taking a look on this other thread
Outside Tempature Gauge Illumination on dashboard...
and it seems as if some folks went through the entire bulb swap process only to find that that really isn't the problem.

I find it very strange on mine because it's not as if the lights are dimming or anything. The backlight is either completely out, or it's on and as bright as it ever was.
When I was taking a look at it yesterday night to figure out how what I was in for as far as removing the dash, the backlight behind the click mysteriously came back again.

I'm expecting it to go out anytime now... (this happened twice before)

If its a bulb, shouldn't it go OUT and that's it? It can't be a fuse otherwise the entire dash would be dark, right?

Very strange...
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