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yjamous: As far as your question about the manual for the C220...well MB DOC said that it is the same M111 motor in both. So since I am not a tech or anything, I won't guarantee anything. It only seems to make sense though, I think most people will agree. I think you should be fine though. I use a US engine manual for my european 420, and I have had no problems.

As far as is all a matter of preference. Craig likes 'em, I don't Personally I like to have the manual sitting in my engine compartment or where ever else I am working on the car. So unless you have a laptop you can set right next to your car, the only thing you could do is print the stuff out....and I'm sure that would turn into a real PITA after a while. So neither is the decided winner here...all preference.

Besides, having 3 or 4 phone book sized service manuals sitting on a shelf impresses people!!
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