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Just one more thing I want to add. It seems that some people don't understand that no matter where a Benz is going, it comes off the same line as all the others!! There isn't a "US line" and a "German line" and a "British line"! And one line has better quality control or whatnot than the other! Same line!! When I toured the Mercedes Werk Sindelfingen, they were making W210s and W203s. I was witnessing these things coming down the assembly line. There were US models, German models, RHD models, wagons, sedans... all coming completely intermingled down the same line...both 210s and 203s!

So this misconception that US models are "better" is BS. The ONLY difference would be the hassle some people have with insurance and whatnot, but I guess my car has been fortunate enough not to have had any of those troubles. And as far as parts....I haven't yet found a US part that doesn't fit my car.

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